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WBC Final Set…and I’m a genius

As Korea and Japan will face off in the final, I just want to say that I’m a genius.

I predicted the final eight in the WBC…INCLUDING The Netherlands (who I picked simply as a bias).

Then I picked 3 of the final 4 (Cuba being the only mistake, Japan was who made it)

And now my pick to win it all, Korea, is in the final.

Say what you want, but this makes my MLB Season Previews mean more, no?

P.S. I’m mostly joking, I’m not this conceded.


Dutch-Canadian to get chance with Jays

leon boyd.jpgLeon Boyd turned out some fantastic performances in this years World Baseball Classic.  The Canadian (born and raised in BC) pitched for the Netherlands at the World Baseball Classic and was a major cog in the dual stunning of the Dominicans and was the winning pitcher in the second win. 

The 25-year-old has signed a minor-league deal with the Blue Jays and if he pitches anything like he did in that tournament, he might not be a bad pickup.  We Dutch-Canadians have a lot to offer you know.

The Final 8

I don’t have much time today, but I wanted to quickly give my picks for who will win the World Baseball Classic.

There are 8 teams left:

Pool 1

Pool 2
Puerto Rico

ap_korea_baseball_080823_mn.jpgKorea is probably the most underrated team in the tournament.  They were in ’06 as well and they were the runner -up to Japan.  I think Korea come out on top of Pool 1 and Cuba is the runner-up, advancing to Los Angeles.  The Netherlands have already made history but they’re probably not going to go much further…as much as I’d love to see it, this is where the Dutch lose-out.  I think the U.S. takes the pool and Venezuela is the runner-up.

That sets up a semi-final between the U.S. and Cuba and one between Venezuela and Korea.  If this were to happen, I believe it would be a U.S./Korea final with Korea coming out on top.

I’m probably full of crap, but who knows

Things are a little….ORANGE

The lackluster crowd at SKYDOME on Monday night for Canada vs. Italy was disappointing and I think was one of many reasons Team Canada’s intensity was, for lack of a better term, non-existent.  But let’s not blame Canadian baseball fans.  We saw them out in full-force on Saturday against the Americans.  The problem here was the organizers of WBC.  They didn’t tell the fans ahead of time when Canada would be playing its second game.  If they had’ve beat the U.S., they would have been playing on Sunday night…no one knew going into the tournament what the games schedule would be beyond the first two games. 

The double elimination-style tournament is great and makes for very exciting games, but it would have been very easy for the WBC organizers to say “win or lose, Canada will play on Sunday” and fit the games around that.  If you want fans to turn out for their home team, they have to know when they’re playing.  That’s just common-sense.

Dutch.jpgNow onto more positive things:  L’ORANGE!!

I watched the game last night at a friend’s and that friend wasn’t a baseball fan…at all.  So needless to say, she was not moved by the gravity of the situation.  The Netherlands took the Dominicans into extra innings in a 0-0 game, then in the top of the 11th, the Dominicans finally scored on an RBI single by Blue Jay Jose Bautista…it looked over.  But in one of the greatest moments in baseball history (forget WBC history, this was that big), the Dutch came back to score two in the bottom half of the 11th to win.

What’s really insane is that the Dominicans blew this game HUGE.  A number of fielding and mental errors throughout the game kept the Dutch in it, and then a few in the 11th allowed them to win.

With Canada out, I’m going with my Dutch ancestry.  Do they stand a chance in the second round against even tougher opponents?  Maybe not.  But who the hell would have predicted that they would beat the Dominicans, not just once…but TWICE.

I can sympathize with the Dominican Republic this morning though.  Much like when Canada unexpectedly losses in hockey, it’s heartbreaking for the DR to lose in baseball.  This will likely be a national embarrassment.

By the way, the winning pitcher for the Dutch is a Canadian…just saying

I love the WBC.

Come on, 2013

Teahan.jpgTwo nights after playing an inspired game and almost beating the Americans, Canada put up a lackluster performance in front of a lackluster home crowd at the SKYDOME in Toronto and fell to the heavily underdogged Italians, 6-2.

It really makes you sit back and wonder what could have been if Canada had some pitching.  What if Canada had Rich Harden, Erik Bedard and Ryan Dempster, and what if Jeff Francis was healthy?  Things might have been different.  Canada might have been one of the teams to beat in the tournament.

Oh well, there’s always 2013 and with a lot of great young Canadians coming up through minor-league systems, there’s always hope that next time it will be different.

Now that Canada is out of the World Baseball Classic, it’s GO L’ORANGE!!! 

My last name is Reitsma and my family hails from the Frisian Islands in the North of the Nederlands and with their stunning upset over the Dominican Republic and their strong pitching performance against a stacked Puerto Rican team, anything is possible.  GO NEDERLANDS!!!!

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Insurance Issues?

vernon-wells.jpgSo, this whole World Baseball Classic thing seems to have a lot of potential.  I will be watching it.  I think it’s a great idea, but here’s what I don’t like:  These “insurance issues”that are keeping some of the best players from playing.  If you’re going to have a World Baseball Classic that is supposed to display the world’s best players then you have to let the world’s best players play.  This is something that really needs to be addressed before the 2013 Classic.

So far Albert Pujols and Vernon Wells and probably many others won’t be going because they are “injury risks” and have contracts that are too big.

In the case of Wells, this bugs me mostly because he had a fantastic season in ’06 when he played for USA.  I was really looking forward to him starting the season the same way this year.

So seriously MLB…fix these problems.