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Vernon Wells is out for a month with another hamstring problem. 

What is it with this team and injuries.  It’s getting a little old


Insurance Issues?

vernon-wells.jpgSo, this whole World Baseball Classic thing seems to have a lot of potential.  I will be watching it.  I think it’s a great idea, but here’s what I don’t like:  These “insurance issues”that are keeping some of the best players from playing.  If you’re going to have a World Baseball Classic that is supposed to display the world’s best players then you have to let the world’s best players play.  This is something that really needs to be addressed before the 2013 Classic.

So far Albert Pujols and Vernon Wells and probably many others won’t be going because they are “injury risks” and have contracts that are too big.

In the case of Wells, this bugs me mostly because he had a fantastic season in ’06 when he played for USA.  I was really looking forward to him starting the season the same way this year.

So seriously MLB…fix these problems.