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Return of the Previews

As I’ve said before, I plan to use this blog mainly as an off-season with a few spatterings of material during the season.  It just works better that way.

So now comes the best part of writing this blog, the previews.  Starting tomorrow, I will release a team preview and prediction every day for 30 days.  I’ll start with the AL East and finish with the NL West, going in alphabetical order within each division.  Last year, I did this and ended up publishing them in bound book form (it came out to 112 pages).  If you would like a copy of last year’s previews or this year’s when they are completed (sometime in early April, by the time I get it edited and all that) then just let me know and I’ll send one to you and only ask for enough money to cover the cost of printing.

Also, Julia or anyone else who’s interested; I have a new CD for sale called “Outside the Factory Gates” about the workers of Windsor, Ontario (across the river from Detroit) where I’ve lived that past 7 years.  I know this is a shameless plug, but last year a few people were interested in my last CD so I figured I’d let you know.  This one is WAY better, by the way.

Anyway, here is the projected schedule for the previews which is subject to change depending on my own schedule, but I will try to do 30 in 30 days.

Feb 1 – Baltimore Orioles
Feb 2 – Boston Red Sox
Feb 3 – New York Yankees
Feb 4 – Tampa Bay Rays
Feb 5 – Toronto Blue Jays

Feb 6 – Chicago White Sox
Feb 7 – Cleveland Indians
Feb 8 – Detroit Tigers
Feb 9 – Kansas City Royals
Feb 10 – Minnesota Twins

Feb 11 – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Feb 12 – Oakland Athletics
Feb 13 – Seattle Mariners
Feb 14 – Texas Rangers/American League Preview

Feb 15 – Atlanta Braves
Feb 16 – Florida Marlins
Feb 17 – New York Mets
Feb 18 – Philadelphia Phillies
Feb 19 – Washington Nationals

Feb 20 – Chicago Cubs
Feb 21 – Cincinnati Reds
Feb 22 – Houston Astros
Feb 23 – Milwaukee Brewers
Feb 24 – Pittsburgh Pirates
Feb 25 – St. Louis Cardinals

Feb 26 – Arizona Diamondbacks
Feb 27 – Colorado Rockies
Feb 28 – Los Angeles Dodgers
Feb 29 – San Diego Padres
Mar 1 – San Francisco Giants

If you have any suggestions for this year’s previews, let me know!