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The Liveblog — Opening Night, Toronto vs. Detroit

Hey everyone. I’m going to liveblog the opener tonight against the Tigers.

Here’s the starters for both teams.

Starting Pitchers
Roy Halladay          TOR
              2008: 20-11, 2.78 ERA, 246.0 IP
Justin Verlander      DET
              2008: 11-17, 4.84 ERA, 201.0 IP

Toronto Blue Jays

  • SS  Marco Scutaro
  • 2B  Aaron Hill
  • RF  Alex Rios
  • CF  Vernon Wells
  • DH  Adam Lind
  • 3B  Scott Rolen
  • 1B  Lyle Overbay
  • C    Rod Barajas
  • LF  Travis Snider

Detroit Tigers

  • CF  Curtis Granderson
  • 2B  Placido Polanco
  • RF  Magglio Ordonez
  • 1B  Miguel Cabrera
  • DH  Carlos Guillen
  • C    Gerald Laird
  • 3B  Brandon Inge
  • SS  Adam Everett
  • LF  Josh Anderson

More to come

Top 1st
Doc looks great.  Lead off walk, double play, infield pop-up

Bot 1st
Jays score 4 runs in the inning…everything coming after Verlander got the first two outs.
TOR 4  DET 0

Top 3rd
Halladay, as per usual, is cruising.

Top 4th
Halladay’s modest no-hit bid is gone.  Granderson led off the inning with a solo home run.  Can’t always be perfect, I guess.
TOR 4  DET 1

Bot 4th
Travis Snider does something he should do a lot of in his career…an opposite-field home run.

Marco Scutaro follows it up with a triple and scores on a risky sac-fly.  The RBI goes to Aaron Hill…it’s good to see him back.

Alex Rios hits a double off the base of the wall, The Tigers ‘pen is up as Verlander nears 80 pitches.

Verlander walks Wells and comes out of the game.  Rough start for him.  I’m sure Tigers’ fans are having flashbacks to a 17-loss ’08.  Eddie Bonine comes in.

Adam Lind swats a 3-run home run to deep center.  Who says the Jays will have trouble scoring runs?  As the very wise Pat Tabler has said, “the route is on”.

TOR 9  DET 1

Top 5th
Just found out an interesting tidbit thanks to Jays announcer Jamie Campbell.  Apparently Roy Halladay has the highest single-season ERA for any pitcher who’s thrown more than 50 innings in MAJOR LEAGUE HISTORY…10.64.  That’s insanity.  How things have changed.

Top 7th
Pizza arrives.  Good, but apparently it’s bad luck.  The Tigers score 4 times and chase Halladay from the game

TOR 9  DET 5

Top 8th
The Jays use 3 pitchers to get 3 outs.  Jesse Carlson, Brandon League, and Scott Downs get the job done despite a couple of hits off of League.

Bot 8th
The Tigers bring in Juan Rincon who they signed to a minor-league deal in January and he promptly gives up a walk, an infield hit, and another walk; bases loaded, none out. 

Wells scorches a shot to short and Adam Everett boots it, one run in, still bases loaded.  Adam Lind is up along with his 5 RBI…a grand slam would be INSANE.

Not a grand slam, but an RBI single.  Lind has a career-high 6 RBI.

Rolen flies out for the first out, FINALLY.  Sac-fly, RBI.  The Jays are one-run shy of their franchise record for runs in a season opener.

The fans are throwing things on to the field and Tigers manager Jim Leyland has pulled his team off the field.  Sometimes fans get a little carried away.  Honestly though…I’m just happy to see jubilant baseball fan in Toronto

The fans are chanting!!!  This is AWESOME.  They do need to tone it down though.

Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous…Let’s go fans, just cool it.

I don’t know what took so long for the PA announcer to say it, but they finally told the fans to stop.  If they keep it up, the Jays will have to forfeit.  I will personally punch every fan in the face if they keep it up.

A wild and LONG inning ends.

TOR 12  DET 5

Top 9th
Brian Tallet comes on to close out the game and does so successfully.  Excellent game all around

I’ll wrap up the game with some stats later on.  For now, I’m off to the open mic in the best live music venue in Canada, Phog Lounge. 




In the next week I have two papers totaling 65 pages of writing.  I have 65 undergraduate papers to mark in that time as well.  And oh yeah, I’m hosting an open mic again and in the middle of recording an album.  I’m busy.  Baseball SHOULD be the furthest thing from my mind.  It is the ONLY thing on my mind.

I’m currently watching the MLB ’09 Preview Show on Rogers Sportsnet.  On the commercials I’m playing MLB ’09: The Show on PS3 and writing this blog entry.  At 7PM I will tune in once again to Rogers Sportsnet to watch the Tigers and Jays open the ’09 season.

Ironically, it’s been snowing here since last night and there’s a thin white blanket drapping the ground.  That makes me angry, but NOTHING can take away this day from me…Viva La Baseball

25 Players…are they good enough?

So I haven’t been blogging as much these days.  Good ol’ school is pretty much taking up all my time, but I’ll be done for the summer very soon and the blogging will return to a healthy clip.

In more important news, Opening Day is just 4 days away.  It’s been a long winter…far too long…cold.  Homer Jeremy know what I’m talkin’ about.  That was one of the worst Southern Ontario winters in years.  Baseball starting up again means it’s all forgotten.  Summer (unofficially, of course) is back.

I’ll be drafting a fantasy team on Saturday.  We should really start a Yahoo! League of bloggers.  Or is this already done and I’m just out of the loop?  Julia, Jeremy, Renegade, anyone?  Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll look into starting one up for us.  A 12-team league of bloggers would be AWESOME!

On to more official news, the Jays made their final roster cuts and have narrowed their team to the Opening Day 25.  Here’s a look at the team:


  • SS  Marco Scutaro
  • 2B  Aaron Hill
  • RF  Alex Rios
  • CF  Vernon Wells
  • 1B  Lyle Overbay
  • 3B  Scott Rolen
  • DH  Adam Lind
  • C    Rod Barajas
  • LF  Travis Snider


  • UTIL Jose Batista
  • INF  John McDonald
  • 1B   Kevin Millar
  • C     Michael Barrett


  • Roy Halladay
  • Jesse Litsch
  • David Purcey
  • Ricky Romero
  • Scott Richmond


  • B.J. Ryan
  • Scott Downs
  • Jesse Carlson
  • Brian Tallet
  • Jason Frasor
  • Shawn Camp
  • Brandon League

Any thoughts?  I like the decision to put Ricky Romero in the rotation, he’s a had a great spring and is FINALLY looking like a first-round draft choice.  Scott Richmond is sort of a ‘we’ve got no one else’ selection.  I could be wrong, but he hasn’t had the best spring in the world, and it just seems like he’s there for lack of a better option.  No matter; he looked good last year ina  short stint so he might be able to turn out a decent year.  I suspect he won’t be there for much more than a month or two though. 

With Casey Janssen becoming a perpetual injury and Dustin McGowan probably missing the ENTIRE season with that shoulder problem, pitchers like Romero could have a good rookie year being pushed into action.

The position players are pretty much exactly how most people thought they’d be, no real surprises there.  If Lind and Snider play like people think they will and Wells stays healthy, this could be a dangerous lineup.

In the bullpen, Jeremy Accardo was sent to Triple-A to get his form back.  He seemed out of place a lot this spring, likely just from missing so much time last year.  I don’t expect he’ll be down there for long.

Alright so…let me know if you’re interested in joining a Yahoo! league.  It’s always more fun when you know all the players are going to be competitive.