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Series of the Year…so far

For any Jays or Red Sox fan, this week is huge.  The Jays and Sox are by far the best two teams in the AL so far this year.  For at least the early part of the year, this series will show if the Jays are for real.  Now, if they lose all three games, it’s not to say the Jays are done…but if they take two of three or sweep, it has to make people sit up and take notice that this Jays team may not go away quietly.

Now, as I said ealier, I can’t watch the series because I don’t have the money to get TSN 2.  Well, I can’t watch it legally.  SO, I may have to resort watching it on the MLB.tv archives well after the games have finished; so no one tell me the score before I’ve had a chance to watch it.

Good luck to Julia BoSox…not too much luck…just enough to lose.

Enjoy everyone!


The Ridiculousness of Watching the Jays

As Jays fans know, sometimes watching the Jays on TV is impossible….literally.

There are several games that aren’t televised at all, and next week when my Jays play Julia’s Red Sox for the first time this year, all three games are on TSN 2.  TSN 2 is an extra channel that us folks not blessed with the cash to afford such luxuries don’t get.  Therefore, the most important series to date for the Jays cannot be viewed by the vast majority of Canadians.

Add on top of that, MLB.tv’s RIDICULOUS black-out stipulations that do not allow people to watch games in their own territory, and I have to either wait for the game to be archived on MLB.tv or cheat the system and watch the game with a proxy server (which is illegal and horribly unreliable).

You’d think MLB would be terrifically smart to get rid of the black-out rule.  I guarantee you’d have double the subscribers and television ratings would rarely suffer.

The point is, I don’t get to watch the most important games of the season because I can’t afford to.  Like everything else in this country, the people with not enough money to afford certain luxuries suffer.  It’s worse in the U.S. so I shan’t complain too much.

By the way, if anyone has the same problem of not being able to view their team in their home market and you live outside of Canada and have an MLB.tv subscription, I’d be willing to switch for a week in order to view the Jays/Sox series next week.  E-mail me at tgreitsma@hotmail.com if you’d like to do that.