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#30! and some Manny housekeeping

Hey everyone,

I just want to thank you guys for making me #30 on the fan blogs list in only 4 weeks of writing.  It means a lot.  Again, a special thanks to Julia from Julia’s Rants and Mark from the Blogosphere for doing what they do.  I am realizing very quickly that there is a strong sense of community on MLBlogs and to be honest I think it’s fantastic.  Nothing like baseball to bring people together.  Anyway, I hope everyone continues to enjoy what I do here.

As for the previews, they are almost done.  Only the Dodgers, Padres, and Giants remain.  Today is going to be the Dodgers and as you probably know…Manny still hasn’t signed.

340x.jpgI’ve had enough of the distraction as I’m sure everyone in the baseball world has…especially his prospective Dodger teammates.

Since he has not signed, the Dodgers preview is very difficult to write.  Quite clearly this Dodger team was MUCH better with Manny in the lineup than they were before he was traded there at last year’s deadline.  Having said that, he almost definitely will sign in Los Angeles, it’s just a matter of time.  Therefore, the Dodgers preview that will be up later today will be written as if he’s on the team.  If it so happens that he signs somewhere else, I’ll address the issue then.

Here’s to hoping the insanity ends today and Manny just signs and gets on with playing baseball.


Anderson signs with Atlanta; Manny still sits at home

Garret Anderson has signed with Atlanta

athletes_garrett_anderson.jpgAnderson has long been one of the unsung heroes of many great teams in Anaheim over the years and should step into a Left Field platoon Matt Diaz.  Anderson will provide some much-needed pop to the middle of the Braves’ lineup.

Obviously, Atlanta needed to explore other options when Griffey signed in Seattle and Anderson should work nicely in that role.

And just one more thing before I stop writing: Manny Ramirez.

I think it’s time that the Dodgers put a deadline on him signing or not.  If I’m Joe Torre, I want to start preparing my outfielders for the season and how are you supposed to tell Juan Pierre that he’s only going to start if Manny doesn’t sign.  It’s not fair to the guys who are at camp Milwaukee+Brewers+v+Los+Angeles+Dodgers+UjVmevbDfNLl.jpg
already, waiting to see what their role will be.

Quite clearly Scott Boras thinks he’s still in a position of power with his client Ramirez.  I would argue that each day Manny doesn’t sign, he has less and less power.

Comment discussion time!  What does everyone think about this situation?  Is there a realistic possibility that Manny could sit out part of the season to get his demands?  If he does that, does he gain more or less leverage with potential suitors? 

Given the past, when I write about a player, they usually sign mere minutes after I post, rendering my writing completely useless (See Griffey).

NL Central Previews start tomorrow with the Chicago Cubs, enjoy!