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Round One: Julia’s Team

I’ve watched Tim Wakefield baffle hitters for practically my entire life.  Tonight he got his 17th career win against the Jays and I’m not sure I’ve seen him be more dominant against them.  Every out seemed to be a pop-out and if it wasn’t for Kevin Millar smacking one over the green monster, he’d have thrown a shutout.

Next time Julia…next time.

On the plus side, Brian Tallet threw another 6 outstanding innings.  He’s been a massive surprise this year coming out of the ‘pen.

*Evil stare toward Julia*


Russ Adams FINALLY on his way out — or so it seems

ricciardiHI.jpgIt’s no secret.  I’m not the biggest fan of Blue Jays GM J.P. Riccardi.  Sure, I went through the normal honeymoon phase when he first got here in ’02.  He traded for Eric Hinske who went on to win AL Rookie of the Year, he made deals for Lyle Overbay and Troy Glaus seemingly out of nothing.  Unfortunately, none of these things panned out in the long-run and although the Jays are perennially mentioned as a team “on the cusp,” the season always ends in the same way.  MEDIOCRITY. 

The fact of the matter is, J.P. has run his course with me and I’m no longer a fan.  We need fresh management with fresh ideas.  I applaud ownership for giving J.P. a real chance and having patience as he tried to execute his plan (something that has all but disappeared from sports these days), but enough is enough.  How many more years of mediocre teams will ownership take before they decide Mr. Riccardi is blowing smoke up their ***** and has run out of ideas.  No, the Jays aren’t a bad team, they haven’t been in a long time, but I’m sick of middle ground…I’m sick of 3rd place (or now 4th with the emergence of the Rays).  It isn’t good enough anymore and it’s time to move on.

One last thing before I get to the point (and there is a point): J.P.’s smooth-talking.  I’m tired of it.  We know you’re plan with the Jays has failed…just admit it already.  If you listen to Mr. Riccardi it sounds like waiting until 2010 has been the plan all along…the jig is up, sir.

That isn’t to say that J.P. is all bad.  He has done some good things and has managed to build a team that has some of the pieces it needs to be a true contender, but the fact is: it isn’t one.  J.P., I appreciate you’re services, but we need to move in a new direction.  That’s right, I just fired him…I can do that…’cause no one cares what I think…nor should they.

adams.jpgANYWAY…the point is:  J.P.’s first draft pick as Jays GM was a middle infielder by the name of Russ Adams (14th overall in 2002).  It appears as though the Jays have finally given up on him after they designated him for assignment today to make room for 28-year-old minor-league pitcher T.J. Beam who was claimed off waivers from the Pirates.  Although Adams did enjoy a 63-RBI output in his rookie season in ’05 he is a terrible defensive player and has apparently forgotten how to hit.  By the way, players taken in the first round after Adams?

  • Scott Kazmir
  • Cole Hamels
  • Nick Swisher
  • James Loney
  • Jeff Francoeur
  • Joe Blanton
  • Matt Cain

Knowing the Jays, they’ll likely take this opportunity to ink Adams to a 6-year, $100-million contract extension.

I will say this though, if Riccardi can pull off signing Kevin Millar, I’ll give him a little temporary love.  I refuse to cuddle afterwards though.

One more thing: The Yankees ’09 Preview is done and will be up tomorrow.