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GRIFFEY!!!!!! *Falls to knees and shakes fists at the Gods*

Well, he went back to Seattle…mere minutes after I published the Braves preview, stating how I thought Griffey would be there, he signed in Seattle.  I don’t have the energy to go re-write it, so it stays.  ‘Tis the reality of writing previews when there is still a lot of movement to be had.

The Marlins will be done and up tomorrow afternoon.

OH…and thank you to Julia for adding me to her favourite blogs.  When I get some free time, I’ll add some links of my favourite MLBlogs and there’s no doubt that Julia’s will be there…even though she’s a Red Sox fan and she just quietly rooted for Scott Downs to be put on the DL.  JUUULLIIIIAAAA!!!!!  I shake my fist at thee.


Come on, Griff

Okay, I’m a massive Ken Griffey Jr. fan.  But dude’s gotta make a decision here.

Griffey is still undecided about whether or not he’ll return to Seattle or play in Atlanta. 

The thing is, I’m waiting to write the Braves preview until he decides.  Of well, I’ll just write it now and update it tomorrow if he signs.

GOD, damn future-Hall-of-Famers taking their sweet-*** time.

Griffey, Glavine, the Mariners, and the Braves

On Wednesday, I will be releasing a preview of the ’09 Atlanta Braves.  Normally I write the previews a few days in advance so if something comes up (like, say, crippling food poisoning) I have material to post.  I am going to wait to write the Braves preview, however, because there are two possible free agent acquisitions that could drastically alter how that team looks.

Last week, a story surfaced that linked Ken Griffey Jr. to the team he started his career with (and played his best years with), the Seattle Mariners.  Griffey stated in his return to Seattle in ’07 while playing KenGriffeyJr.jpgfor the Reds that he would like to finish his career with the Mariners.  He thought he owed it to the fans that treated him so well. 

Personally, I have always been a massive Griffey fan.  With all the steroids floating around the majors, Griffey’s name has never been mentioned.  Never.  Having said that, there is little doubt that Griffey is the best home run hitter of our generation and if it weren’t for injuries, we wouldn’t be talking about Barry Bonds or Alex Rodiguez breaking Hank Aaron’s home run record because Griffey probably would have destroyed it long ago.  People have criticized Griffey for having thin skin and getting injured too easily, but the fact is, he has always been one of the classiest players on the field; loved by teammates and fans alike since the day he broke into the league as the 18-year-old son of Ken Griffey Sr.  He has the most beautiful swing I’ve ever seen…it’s mesmerizing.  I would love to see Griffey suit up with the M’s again, but I also want to see him win a world series before he retires and the Mariners simply don’t have a Popsicle’s chance in hell of doing that.

So, where will Griffey sign?  He’s been linked to the Mariners, yes, but he has also been in talks with the Atlanta Braves.  The sentimental pick is obviously Seattle, but let’s look at this realistically.  Atlanta is an hour flight from his home in Orlando; the Braves have a better chance at winning than the Mariners…a much better chance; and Griffey has always wanted to play for Braves manager Bobby Cox.  Yes, the Mariners need a middle-of-the-lineup presence, but they should be spending their time developing guys like Wladimir Balentin, not dolling out playing time to a 39-year-old when you’re team is not likely going to contend.  The deal doesn’t seem to make sense for the Mariners.  I think Griffey signs with the Braves in the next few days.

T1_0805_oldglavine.jpgThen there’s Tom Glavine.  Glavine is 43-years-old and is coming off of major shoulder and elbow surgery.  Yes, he will be in the hall-of-fame someday, as will Griffey, but I’m not sure this guy has much left.  The Braves could use a fifth starter but would likely have more success from a younger option…and they have lots of those.  Tommy Hanson, for instance, is thought of so highly that the Braves flat-out refused to talk to the Padres about acquiring Jake Peavy because they wanted Hanson in return.  Hanson is only 22 and hasn’t played higher than AA, but what better time than now to give him a shot at making the Braves.  If Glavine is there, he has no shot; and neither do Jorge Campillo, Jo-Jo Reyes or Charlie Morton, three other pitchers who many think could be solid starters. 

The Braves have already offered Glavine a contract, but I don’t think that was a wise move.  I think they did it mostly for sentimental reasons, but they let John Smoltz go…why do they feel the need to suddenly get sentimental over Glavine?

In summary, I think Griffey signs with Atlanta and plays a left-field platoon with Matt Diaz and I think Glavine also signs in Atlanta despite the fact that it seems like a bad idea.