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Dynasty Fantasy League

So I have an idea.  Well I’ve had this idea for a couple years now.

You know how at the end of your fantasy baseball season, you feel a little annoyed that it doesn’t carry over to the next year?  If you’re out of the playoff race with several weeks to go you literally give up and stop trying to win, because, what’s the point?  Once the season is over, so is the league.

Well why does it have to end?  Why not have a Dynasty Fantasy League consisting of at least 10 teams and consisting of real major league contracts and real major league prospects.  Those young players that you keep waiting on to develop every year in your fantasy league?  Now you can draft them and put them on a Prospect Roster and wait for them to develop.

The people playing in this league would have to be extremely knowledgeable and extremely committed for several years.  If one team drops out at any point it would cause big problems and basically ruin the league.  Some knowledge of MLB contracts would also be needed, although I could fill you in if you need help in that regard.

Anyway, I’ve been mulling this over for a few years and I recently got around to writing up some preliminary rules and such that would make the fantasy league work.

I know of at least two people besides myself who would likely do this (I’m lookin’ at you, Scotty Mc), but there would need to be at least 8 or 10 or 12 teams for it to actually work.  If you’re interested, contact me by leaving a comment.  It is unlikely that this would happen this year given the amount of work it would take on my part, but we could start next season.  In order to participate in the original fantasy draft, you need to be either present in person or by internet conference call (i.e. a webcam and microphone or telephone).

If you are at ALL interested, here are the preliminary rules (You must have Microsoft Word to open that).  If you have any suggestions or think I’ve missed something just let me know.