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A Call for Writers

Hey everyone,

I have a question.  Are there any bloggers out there who are aspiring baseball writers?  If so, do you want to write for Baseball Canadiana?

Once school starts, I won’t be able to publish that much, and I already have trouble finding the time to do so.  So if any Jays fans or baseball fans from Canada want to write for my blog, let me know and I’ll get you in (I know a guy). 

I only want serious writers, simply because I plan to use this blog as a place potential employers could come to to see my work.

E-mail me at tgreitsma@hotmail.com or leave a comment if you’re interested.


3 Days

That’s right…only 3 more days until the Jays open their season against the Detroit Tigers in Rogers Center.  Living in Windsor, there are obviously a lot of Tigers fans here and the smack talk has started

Tom Lucier, owner of Phog Lounge (recently voted the best live music venue in Canada by CBC Radio 3), is a massive Tigers fan so he has be delineating my inadequacy as a human being for liking the Jays, as has one of my professors. 

I however, won’t sink that low.  Just because Tigers fans’ mothers wear army boots (oh, that’s right I went 1986 on their *****), doesn’t mean they’re inadequate as human beings…well not completely anyway.

So aaanyway…I guess I’ll have to wait until next year to join the bloggers fantasy pool…which is fine, I figured someone had to have started something already. 

And finally…I will be live-blogging during the Jays/Tigers game on Monday.

P.S.  How dumb of Major League Baseball was it to schedule Opening Night in Toronto at the SAME TIME as the National Championship in NCAA Basketball?  I’m the biggest baseball fan I know and I’ll still be switching back and forth on Monday to make sure I don’t miss much of the championship game…especially if MSU is in it.

25 Players…are they good enough?

So I haven’t been blogging as much these days.  Good ol’ school is pretty much taking up all my time, but I’ll be done for the summer very soon and the blogging will return to a healthy clip.

In more important news, Opening Day is just 4 days away.  It’s been a long winter…far too long…cold.  Homer Jeremy know what I’m talkin’ about.  That was one of the worst Southern Ontario winters in years.  Baseball starting up again means it’s all forgotten.  Summer (unofficially, of course) is back.

I’ll be drafting a fantasy team on Saturday.  We should really start a Yahoo! League of bloggers.  Or is this already done and I’m just out of the loop?  Julia, Jeremy, Renegade, anyone?  Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll look into starting one up for us.  A 12-team league of bloggers would be AWESOME!

On to more official news, the Jays made their final roster cuts and have narrowed their team to the Opening Day 25.  Here’s a look at the team:


  • SS  Marco Scutaro
  • 2B  Aaron Hill
  • RF  Alex Rios
  • CF  Vernon Wells
  • 1B  Lyle Overbay
  • 3B  Scott Rolen
  • DH  Adam Lind
  • C    Rod Barajas
  • LF  Travis Snider


  • UTIL Jose Batista
  • INF  John McDonald
  • 1B   Kevin Millar
  • C     Michael Barrett


  • Roy Halladay
  • Jesse Litsch
  • David Purcey
  • Ricky Romero
  • Scott Richmond


  • B.J. Ryan
  • Scott Downs
  • Jesse Carlson
  • Brian Tallet
  • Jason Frasor
  • Shawn Camp
  • Brandon League

Any thoughts?  I like the decision to put Ricky Romero in the rotation, he’s a had a great spring and is FINALLY looking like a first-round draft choice.  Scott Richmond is sort of a ‘we’ve got no one else’ selection.  I could be wrong, but he hasn’t had the best spring in the world, and it just seems like he’s there for lack of a better option.  No matter; he looked good last year ina  short stint so he might be able to turn out a decent year.  I suspect he won’t be there for much more than a month or two though. 

With Casey Janssen becoming a perpetual injury and Dustin McGowan probably missing the ENTIRE season with that shoulder problem, pitchers like Romero could have a good rookie year being pushed into action.

The position players are pretty much exactly how most people thought they’d be, no real surprises there.  If Lind and Snider play like people think they will and Wells stays healthy, this could be a dangerous lineup.

In the bullpen, Jeremy Accardo was sent to Triple-A to get his form back.  He seemed out of place a lot this spring, likely just from missing so much time last year.  I don’t expect he’ll be down there for long.

Alright so…let me know if you’re interested in joining a Yahoo! league.  It’s always more fun when you know all the players are going to be competitive.

This is what happens when you write quickly

So before, when I wrote about Ordonez and the whole Chavez thing, I stated that I had been to Venezuela.  You know how when you write things while thinking about other things how your fingers do pretty much whatever they want in spite of your brain.  I meant to say that my supervising professor has been to Venezuela several times, not me.  I have not been there.  I would love to go there, but I have not been there.

Seriously…I’m downright moronic

Stupids Internet Tubes

Well…this series of tubes we call the “Internets” has not been kind to me these last few days.  I’ve been totally blacked out and just got it back today.  Couple that with a lot of paper marking on my slate and I couldn’t get to a place to post the San Francisco Giants preview on Thursday or yesterday.  Sorry for the delay…it will be up today.  Just give me about an hour to write it.



#30! and some Manny housekeeping

Hey everyone,

I just want to thank you guys for making me #30 on the fan blogs list in only 4 weeks of writing.  It means a lot.  Again, a special thanks to Julia from Julia’s Rants and Mark from the Blogosphere for doing what they do.  I am realizing very quickly that there is a strong sense of community on MLBlogs and to be honest I think it’s fantastic.  Nothing like baseball to bring people together.  Anyway, I hope everyone continues to enjoy what I do here.

As for the previews, they are almost done.  Only the Dodgers, Padres, and Giants remain.  Today is going to be the Dodgers and as you probably know…Manny still hasn’t signed.

340x.jpgI’ve had enough of the distraction as I’m sure everyone in the baseball world has…especially his prospective Dodger teammates.

Since he has not signed, the Dodgers preview is very difficult to write.  Quite clearly this Dodger team was MUCH better with Manny in the lineup than they were before he was traded there at last year’s deadline.  Having said that, he almost definitely will sign in Los Angeles, it’s just a matter of time.  Therefore, the Dodgers preview that will be up later today will be written as if he’s on the team.  If it so happens that he signs somewhere else, I’ll address the issue then.

Here’s to hoping the insanity ends today and Manny just signs and gets on with playing baseball.

New Blogroll

I finally got around to putting a blogroll in the sidebar.  It will grow throughout the summer as I have more time to read more blogs.

In other news, I’m tired from writing a paper on critical communication theory and my brain hurts.  Travis=bed.

Houston Astros tomorrow