About Travis

I am an MA-Candidate in Communications and
Social Justice at the University of Windsor. Most of my
writing involves the critical analysis of mass-media in terms
of abuses of power and hegemonic practices in aiding the
dominant class. I’m also a singer-songwriter currently in the
process of releasing my second full-length album. Sounds like
I should be a baseball fan eh? I grew up near Toronto and
took to baseball at a very young age. I played for 15 years,
most of which was spent in a rep league where I played for
the Clarington Orioles. I was mostly a middle infielder but
earned the nickname “Swiss Army” from my coaches for being
able to play at nearly every position (except Catcher and
First Base; who wants the ball thrown directly at them by
angry pitchers and infielders…not this guy). My playing
career ended at age 19 after jobs and school became too much
and it was clear my lack of talent was going to get me
nowhere. My love for baseball has only increased since I
stopped playing. I am routinely made fun of by friends for
having an encyclopedic knowledge of the game…I once won a
bet by naming the top 25 Home Run Hitters of all-time (and
the number of home runs they had) without any aid or prior


Baseball, Music, Politics, Media, Academia,
Writing, reading, other sports, etc.