A trade of Brandons may be a crucial one for young Jays

The Jays are about to finalize a deal with the Seattle Mariners that would send right-hander Brandon Morrow to Toronto and righty-reliever Brandon League as well as a prospect to the Northwest.

I think I like this Anthopoulos guy.  He made a deal for Halladay that was better than anything I was expecting and now is prepared to pull off this deal which I think is a great one for Toronto.


This may be the most important trade of this offseason for Toronto as it pertains to the 2010 season.  The players the Jays got in the Halladay deal will likely not see significant Major-League time until at least 2011, but Morrow is a different story.
Brandon League.jpg
I’ve always liked Brandon League, his stuff is great, but he just hasn’t put it all together yet and maybe a change of scenery is needed for him to realize his potential as an elite setup man in this league.

Morrow on the other hand is a former 1st round pick who is also looking for a change in scenery.  He can start, he can work in middle relief, he even has the stuff to close.  I think it would be a shame to put his talent in the bullpen, however.  I imagine the Jays will put him in their rotation and hopefully he blossoms into the player the Mariners thought he’d be when they drafted him.  His numbers at the Major-League level aren’t bad, but he has at times been phenomenal.  I’m excited to see where his ceiling is.  I think he can be a number 3 starter on a good team, capable of 12-15 wins annually.  


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