Why Ejecting Pitchers Ruins EVERYTHING

Okay…twice this weekend I have seen something in baseball that I absolutely HATE.

I hate it when a player gets hit by an inside pitch and the pitcher immediately gets ejected even though it’s pretty damn obvious that he was NOT intentionally throwing at the hitter.

Case 1:
Yankees vs. Red Sox. It was late in the game and the Yankees were up by two with one on and one out.  Ramon Ramirez was on the mound for the BoSox and plunked A-Rod on theramon ramirez.jpg shoulder with a changeup.

Now, I know we all hate A-Rod (don’t lie Yankees fans, you do too), but come on.  First of all, who hits someone with an offspeed pitch that isn’t easy to control?  If you’re intentionally hitting someone, you throw a fastball.  Secondly, if you’re an umpire and you’re going to throw someone out of the game, you should have to warn them first.  A few pitches earlier, Ramirez gave Mark Teixeira some chin music, which was clearly not intentional, and certainly no reason to be warned…which he was not.

There’s no way that Ramirez was throwing at A-Rod…not in that situation.  A taxed Sox ‘pen had to scramble and put in Enrique Gonzalez who promtly allowed A-Rod to score.  Red Sox manager Terry Francona was understandably pissed.

Case 2:
Cardinals vs. Pirates.  Matt Capps hit Albert Pujols on the back late in a close game…got ejected…same deal

Here’s the BIGGEST problem with this.  It prevents pitchers from pitching inside.  Obviously they’re going to shy away from it given that if they miss…even a little, they could be tossed from the game.  And really people; what’s baseball without pitching inside?  I don’t know…but it ain’t what I want to watch.



  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    I agree. While it sometimes is clearly intentional, I thought the same thing on the Ramirez call. Aside from making pitchers shy away, it can even disrupt the flow of the game.
    Nice post.


  2. juliasrants

    Travis – I could not agree with you more! Why anyone would think that Ramirez would hit A-Rod on purpose at that point of the game is just plain foolish! The umps are not doing a good job, in my opinion, this season.


  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    This is why I prefer pitchers hit in the A.L. ~ Now as a rule for everyone…Each individual pitcher and bench should get warned alone, as it’s own incident. If the other team retaliates, you warn them, THEN, in kind. C’mon…make it fair right? Just as long as these guys handle it on the field like men…it’s all good. It IS a part of Baseball but some of these cats bring their entitlement into the batter’s box with them and….well…you know. But still…be a man…throw it low. Then try and steal 2nd base and take out the infielder covering; Old School.
    (they do know they really hate ARod : D

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